Coppice Products:


Mostly Hazel approximately 8 foot long and come in bundles of 10 @ £12

Different amounts can be ordered @ £1.20 per rod

Hazel, approximately 6 foot tall and come in bundles. Minimum of 10 per bundle if very large but usually 12 to 16 @ £12

Hedging Stakes:

Mostly Hazel. Come in bundles of 10 @ £12

Hazel and occasionally Willow or Dogwood. Come in bundles of 20 @ £24


Made to order depending on season and stock of rods.

Contact for further info


2 meters long X 0.3 meter diameter £8.50 each.

Small Bags (Approx. 2.5kg but sold by volume so 1 builder’s bucket)  – £7.50

Large Bags (Approx. 5kg but sold by volume so 2 builder’s bucket) – £13.00

Extra Large Bags (Approx. 12.5kg but sold by volume so 5 builder’s bucket) – £27.50

Contact us for Wholesale and Bulk prices


Contact us for any biochar enquiries

We supply top quality UNSEASONED FIREWOOD. Mainly Oak with a sprinkling of Ash, Maple and Birch. Others species might occasionally be present but all our wood is sustainably sourced from Silk Wood. The cost of a Transit tipper load is £175. This is roughly 2.4 Cubic meters. Delivery beyond 10 miles will incur a small surcharge as will stacking after delivery.

Cleft Oak Fencing – priced per job.  Contact us for further details

Please email any enquiries

All products can be purchased from our base at Westonbirt, The National Arboretum.

Directions: Walk across the tree top walkway near the Welcome buildings and you will find us on the right as you drop down in to Silk Wood. You cannot miss the charcoal kilns inside our beautifully fenced off compound. We may not always be in this coup so you could ring us on 07443 337636. Delivery is also available but may incur a surcharge if beyond 10 miles.